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Professional Hotspot Features – 100 user version

A complete, commercial grade hardware, software, backend solution

Sophisticated hotspot capabilities:
- two SSID – one secured and one open
- 2.4ghz and 5ghz dual radio

- Customized greeting page allows logins only during business hours
- Your choice of session duration, optional limits on logins per user per day.
- 24x7 Network monitoring
- Content filtering.
- User bandwidth arbitration and balancing
- Post login welcome screen (menu, twitter feed, site URL)
- Transition page with 10 second info page or photo
- POS support, IT questions and end user issues refered to us
- monthly Usage reports with total sessions and unique user counts
- Hewlett Package enterprise grade router

- expandable to 5 access points
- Peer 2 Peer limits reduce risks of RIAA complaints
- max users at one time – 100 – suggested users 90 max
- includes MSM710 controller, 2 Ubitquity access points, VLAN Ethernet switch.
- includes MSM710 power supply, Power injector for Access Points up to 100 ft, 6x 10ft CAT-5 cables
- 2 free RJ-45 connections for POS terminals
- PCI compliant isolation of POS from all other traffic.

ISP options (connection to the public internet)
- use DSL, Cable, 3G, 4G, WiMax Clear
- 6 mb/s will support 30 users
- Bandwidth management allows lower cost ISP options
- failover option for mission critical locations with 2 or more ISP links

- A fully outsourced solution including management, maintenance and tech support.
- We have remote access to the system with proactive error detection.

- Requires no (or very minimal) support from your location or IT staff.
- 24x7 focus resulting in great customer satisifaction for you.
- Extensible, scalable solutions to meet your future needs.




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